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noticias de moda belleza y decoracion

Black jumpsuit near Basilica di Santa Croce

I can\'t believe that almost the whole month of April has already passed by! I had a pretty crazy Easter holidays around Italy, as my family came to ...
23-04-2018 19:25

Why a capsule wardrobe is not for me - Is it for you"

Every time I go on Youtube, it doesn\'t matter if I\'m watching makeup-related videos, clips of my favorite series or films or anything random: I...
16-04-2018 19:22

Apritimoda Firenze 2018 - Antico Setificio Fiorentino & Gucc

The second day of our Apritimoda 2018 experience in Firenze we decided to take advantage of the fact that it was not necessary to make an appointment ...
12-04-2018 19:25

Green wool is always a nice idea

I must confess that I had this post and pictures under kidnapping since a while ago. We took them at the end of January, but I had the craziest Februa...
05-04-2018 19:23

Apritimoda Firenze 2018 - Ferragamo Museum & Aquazzura headq

I discovered about Apritimoda Firenze 2018 purely by chance, one morning when I was walking through the Santa María Novella station to get some train...
02-04-2018 19:20

Spring outfit ideas for less than 100$ with Quiz Clothing

Spring made its official appearance this past March 20th, and although looks like we\'ll be wearing our coats around Italy for a bit longer (and even...
26-03-2018 19:25

How to style this Shein little black dress when it's cold ou

Final days of February and firsts of March were terribly cold. There was a day in which thermometers dropped to almost -8ºC, and we wore our coats an...
22-03-2018 19:23

10 statement vintage pieces to have in your closet

I get asked a lot of times how I always get to combine my clothing to achieve a classy and atemporal look. I personally don\'t find that I dress in a...
19-03-2018 19:21

Vintage Armani blazer for a daytrip

One of the things I\'ve realized since I first put a foot in Firenze for this year studying abroad is how much my ears suffer from cold, and how I\'ve...
12-03-2018 19:19

About the day it snowed in Firenze

We have rarely seen snow in Valencia. Ever. As it\'s a southern coastal city, temperatures are usually pretty warm and not below 7-8ºC even in Wi...
05-03-2018 19:18

First Sunday of the month in Italy - Vintage market in Fieso

There\'s something amazing happening every first Sunday of every month here in Italy, and that is free museum day! Every monument, museum, and place ...
12-02-2018 19:18

Casual studying day in Firenze + Shein sizing tips

In case you are wondering, yes: as an Erasmus student I do, in fact, study. Well. Sort of: as I\'ve already passed the exam/project I had after Chris...
08-02-2018 19:17

TOP 5 lipstick shades you should have in your makeup bag

Some can\'t leave home without putting mascara on. Other\'s go-to makeup essential is blush or concealer. Mine is lipstick! I can assure you if you e...
05-02-2018 19:18

Freezing cold wishlist - Surviving an Italian Winter with Ro

Firenze means cold weather. And 80% of ambiance humidity almost every single day during Winter. In today\'s post I\'m partnering with Rosegal because...
01-02-2018 19:19

Finding home away from home (with some little help)

One of the things I was most afraid of this past Summer before coming to Italy was, how the heck I was going to find a place to stay in a city I barel...
30-01-2018 19:18

Styling some vintage Dior little black dress

OMG, looks like an eternity passed by since the events a couple of weeks ago! I\'m very sorry about disappearing from the blog (and almost all s...
29-01-2018 19:20

Firenze Pitti Uomo 93 - Valentino and Replay take Firenze

If there\'s anything I\'ve absolutely fallen for during my experience at Pitti Uomo 93\' it\'s witnessing with my own eyes how very few days befo...
18-01-2018 19:19

Firenze Pitti Uomo 93 - Inauguration day + Day at Fortezza d

A few days ago I had no idea at all about what the Italian Men fashion week was, except for the Pitti Immagine website and some articles, news and bl...
15-01-2018 19:17

Experimenting with clothes - Zaful maxi dress + DIY turban

I love to experiment with clothes to achieve different looks. This happens way often everytime there\'s a holiday around the corner, like when in Chri...
04-01-2018 19:18

Shoes that make you look taller" That's done!

I\'ve never been ashamed of my height of 1,66 metres. I consider myself very average on that aspect: not too tall, not too short. I feel like I can e...
02-01-2018 19:19

80's vibes with Shein

When in Firenze, I\'ve been crushing over Stranger Things very hard. In between classes, Uni tasks and dustball cleaning around the flat, I\'ve been ...
28-12-2017 19:17

What to wear for a rainy museum day - Firenze edition

Rain in Firenze doesn\'t mean staying at home moping around due to bad weather. Nonono. There are plenty of things you can do in this marvelous place ...
25-12-2017 19:18

Winter 17/18 essentials - Cozy outfit + ideas

Winter has arrived! After having a super weird Fall, both around Tuscany and in Spain from what I\'ve been told (with people even heading to the beac...
21-12-2017 19:21

What does my closet abroad look like - How I organized thing

When I first knew that I was coming for a year abroad in Firenze, Italy, at least half of my days were about doing research on what was the weather li...
18-12-2017 19:26

Festive mood in Piazza della Repubblica

Christmas is right behind the corner guys! I can\'t believe it\'s already been three months since I arrived to Italy, and I\'m about to leave home for...
15-12-2017 19:14

San Marino and Urbino - A freezing day trip

There might be times that you only feel like staying at home when it\'s freezing outside, with a covered sky which looks like storming out soon and as...
11-12-2017 19:18

10 things I miss from Spain living abroad (besides family an

Sometimes I feel like I came to Italy with very few prejudices about the daily life here, mainly because I visited the country a couple of times befo...
07-12-2017 19:14

Layering clothes for an Italian Winter with Shein

I like to say that Winter is (NOT) coming to Tuscany. It\'s already here! We are almost 20 days closer to Christmas and there\'s a bit less than that...
04-12-2017 19:18

How do I edit my pictures" - Tips for having PRO fashio

It\'s not secret that every influencer or fashion blogger in this world has to edit their pictures somehow to achieve great quality content and impac...
30-11-2017 19:18

Keeping warm and comfy in Genova

A couple of weekends ago we took an early bus Firenze-Genova to discover one of the biggest coastal cities in Italy, home of pesto sauce and (oh drea...
23-11-2017 19:15

From Firenze to Livorno and Pisa day trip - Outfit and sight

I had a slight beforehand idea that, when you are living abroad for a whole course, you are expected to travel. And travel to exhaustion specially if ...
20-11-2017 19:14

7 basic clothing pieces your closet abroad should definitely

Packing for a whole course abroad is difficult and nerve-wracking enough to start figuring out the thousand situations in which you\'ll have to wear t...
16-11-2017 19:26

Festive Winter outfit" Say yes to the (velvet) dress!

Ah holidays. That time of the year when streets fill with tons of Christmas markets, and there\'re sweets and amazing food no matter what country you...
13-11-2017 19:18

Mercatino della Belle Epoque in Firenze - Tips on staying fa

I know from (oh magical) stats that many of you come mainly from across the Atlantic Ocean and many other places across the globe. Those of us who whe...
09-11-2017 19:18

How real is social life abroad" - Erasmus experience so

First of all, I must confess that I\'m not your regular Erasmus student (not even your regular 23-year-old girl). I prefer visiting museums and takin...
02-11-2017 19:18

My go-to shoes to stroll Firenze fashionably (and budget fri

When I first assembled my bags and luggage for my year abroad in Italy, I already had a subtle idea on what absolutely not to wear in an ancient Euro...
30-10-2017 19:13

Galleria degli Uffizi - Iconic places of Firenze

It cost my flatmate and I three different attempts to enter the Galleria degli Uffizi. The main reason were the long lines and crowds of people we al...
26-10-2017 19:16

BEHIND THE DESIGN: Ibaza, a different understanding to milli

It\'s been a while since the last time I did a "BEHIND THE DESIGN" feature here in Something Fashion but, since my homework and archite...
19-10-2017 19:24

7 things you can do in Firenze as and student living abroad

If someone had told me a couple of years ago that I was going to be living in Italy for a whole course abroad, I would have asked him to pinch me and ...
16-10-2017 19:24

10 things that will make you look better in front of the cam

It\'s been already 6 years since I started fashion blogging around here, and I can\'t tell you how terrifying it is looking back at my old pictures a...
12-10-2017 19:16

Summer throwback - Things I learnt during my Summer internsh

I can\'t believe it\'s been almost 2 months already since I shot this pictures! My experience as a granted student with an scholarship to work fo...
09-10-2017 19:15

Cities through time

Buongiorno a tutti! After a non-stop week attending to the firsts classes in italian, dealing with the language (seriously guys, I never thought it wo...
05-10-2017 19:17

Fur-ffy Halloween preparations with Lightinthebox

Halloween preparations in Italy! Although being itself an Anglo-Saxon tradition, being able to discover traditions kept in this country which is...
29-09-2017 19:17

An underground house-studio in the center of Madrid through

If there\'s one place I couldn\'t be grateful enough to visit last year\'s Madrid Openhouse event was Fernando Higueras\' house-studio in the peacefu...
25-09-2017 19:17

Firsts of everything in Firenze

First post featuring some incredible Firenze sights and buildings! I still can\'t believe I\'ll be able to spend a whole year living in this dreamy c...
21-09-2017 19:20

Fall in Firenze wishlist - What to wear with Zaful

I can\'t believe it\'s been already a week at the bellissima Firenze! I never told you about our crazy flight due to cancellations to our home a...
19-09-2017 19:12

Spanish College graduation ceremony - What does it consist o

 Architecture graduation ceremony à la Spanish. We talked graduation and prom outfits before in this post, but this is the real deal: what I wore...
14-09-2017 19:16

Ciao, adiós

Leaving to Firenze tomorrow guys! I can\'t believe Summer is already gone, and with that, the internship at the studio, the weekends spent at the beac...
11-09-2017 19:17

The ultimate fashion piece to never get tired of!

I love garments and fashion pieces which allow me some room when it comes to change the way I wear them. Interchangeable, multi position... I have som...
31-08-2017 19:28

Black asymmetric sheer dress + Summer conclusions

I can\'t believe Summer is almost over! Even though I\'ve experienced a rare Summer season going up and down at the little town with my internship, i...
28-08-2017 19:15

The fashion catwalk through the promenade architecturale

(Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 fashion show in Brasilia\'s Niteroi Museum)Everytime I put on my search engine "Fashion and architecture" I...
24-08-2017 19:16

A different kind of kimono

I love kimonos. There\'s something very fancy and chic about them, and I really like pairing them with my daily outfits because they add an extra lay...
17-08-2017 19:18

Halter neck jumpsuit for University Graduation Ceremony

I\'m graduating! After five years of titanic efforts, sleepless nights and crying A LOT due to frustration and tiredness, I can\'t believe that I\'m f...
14-08-2017 19:17

Culotte pants for Summer fiestas and festivals

There\'s something really cool and different in culotte pants! Although great for Winter, I find them to be most suitable for warm temperatures and S...
10-08-2017 19:18

Studying abroad in Italy - Packing list

Valencia-Pisa flight. Check. Cute and spacious student home away from home, with a couple of architecture students to share. Check. Italian lessons on...
04-08-2017 19:15

About fashion blogging, exposure on the Internet and critici

It\'s been about a week since one of the most known names in the fashion blogger industry broke down to tears in a video talking about the struggle of...
31-07-2017 19:18

Textile Heritage: West Africa

I was surfing the Internet the other day when I suddenly came across the MET Museum online publications\' page, which immediately turned me into the ...
28-07-2017 19:14

Are you in to be a good role model" - Musings about pas

Right aside our townhouse at the beach, there\'s a pedestrian street which is ah-mazing to install my tripod and camera everytime I come back from wor...
24-07-2017 19:17

Architect's dresscode - My experience as an architectural in

When I entered Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia back in 2012, my vision of architects and designers was pretty limited. Back th...
21-07-2017 19:17

Ciao a tutti! - Erasmus year - Pitti Immagine Firenze

(Source: Italy as a destination for my last year studying the degree in Architecture was a result of many aspects. First of ...
17-07-2017 19:18

Valencia's Rooftops - Or how to turn your outfit day to nigh

My second Summer as an intern on an architecture studio is about to start. As internships are not compulsory in our architecture school, I couldn\'t b...
07-07-2017 19:20

Designing for the future - What will fashion be like"

What fashion will be like in, let\'s say ten years" And how will it be shaped in the coming century" Since I finished this uni year, I\'ve ...
04-07-2017 19:21

Summer in Spain - What to wear when it's too warm outside

(This post was sponsored by Lightinthebox)I can\'t believe I\'m back to the blogosphere and I\'m able to -finally- state that I\'ve finished succ...
28-06-2017 19:17

5 outfit ideas... For when you are running late!

I\'m no lazy one, but if I have to recognise something is that I absolutely love to sleep. Which means hitting the snooze button more than once maybe ...
16-06-2017 19:22

#botanicalsense at Veles e Vents Valencia - Pasarela Barreir

(Pictures shot by Leticia. Thanks for being my blog-tographer for a day!)Friday 9th June evening. At the Veles e Vents building in Valencia, icon...
12-06-2017 19:19

Fallerinas - Silk floral flats

Every culture and traditional element is meant to portray our lifestyle, our way of viewing and shaping the world we live with our own particularitie...
29-05-2017 19:21

Why I applied for an Erasmus grant - Where I'm leaving to, t

I\'ve been popping up the topic about leaving for an Erasmus for a while (you can read about it here or also in this post). But, after all that, I\'v...
22-05-2017 19:23

How to style your beret french way

If you\'ve been reading Something Fashion for a while, you might know I LOOVEE spicing up my outfits with cute hats. I think they add a lot of person...
15-05-2017 19:19

How I quitted procrastination (and how it boosted my daily r

I started procrastinating since the early days of studying Architecture. Class projects and homework required so much effort from me and were so time...
08-05-2017 19:18


Photos by trasotracamaraThird year already of the ETSA·TOPIA festival at the Architecture School of Valencia! I already wrote a little bit ...
03-05-2017 19:20

Asymmetries - What fashion means to me

Even for the tiniest family event, I always feel like I have to dress the part. We shot this pictures in late March, on a very sunny morning going to ...
27-04-2017 19:16

Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace in Valencia - Easter walk

(Thanks for the pictures to my marvelous turned-influencer-photographer for a day friend, Cristina)I\'ve spent all Easter holidays in Valencia, finish...
24-04-2017 19:23

Textile Heritage: Valencia

A lot of you might know about my preparations for the next year studying abroad and some of you might also know about me being dressed in the tr...
10-04-2017 19:16

End of exam period - Winter thoughts

We took this pictures at the very end of the exams period in a crispy cold but sunny Saturday morning in Valencia. I\'ve been out for these weeks as ...
20-02-2017 19:16

5 things I've learnt studying Architecture (and you should b

I entered the Valencia Technical School of Architecture five years ago, aiming to change the world, design spectacular buildings and without any spec...
23-01-2017 19:24

Inspiration: Wool

I can\'t believe the last inspiration post was so long ago! As we\'re suffering this extreme, siberian cold wave in Europe (yes, Valencia is having v...
20-01-2017 19:18

Pink velvet dress

This outfit ended a bit unexpected. You know I\'m more the kind of B&W lass, or moreover, the one who always matches her outfits with a black or ...
16-01-2017 19:15

Outfit for family events - Blue is the clue

Three Wise Men/Three Kings Day. In Spain, Christmas aren\'t officially over until 6th January. Here, both child and adults are excited to find their g...
13-01-2017 19:15

White vintage dress-coat

Vintage shopping is somehow tricky. You must see further than the piece you are getting, and foremost, be ready for the unexpected. You might not find...
02-01-2017 19:20

Happy 2017!

Picture: evigshow ; miriammunyoz. Thanks, my lovely ladies!End of the year. And with it, time to recap and make some sort of personal balance of...
30-12-2016 19:14

Christmas-ready classy dress for less than 30$

I can\'t believe it\'s almost Christmas and we\'re almost done with our quarterly subjects, which include (as always) tons of work deliveries and pre...
12-12-2016 19:22

10 ways fashion blogging changed my life forever

Back to 2011. It\'s been a long way since that night in Boston when I decided to take up and give a chance to this whole universe of blogging and ult...
28-11-2016 19:18

Bimba & Lola dress - End of the Summer

It\'s been a while! You can\'t even imagine how much I miss writing on a daily basis and sharing with you fashion ideas and theories running through m...
07-11-2016 19:23

#AirMomentUPV - Inflatable Architecture

#AirMomentUPV. Some say it\'s the journey and not the destination what matters the most. Well, when it comes to architecture and design of anything I...
25-10-2016 19:23

Feeling a bit overwhelmed

Haven\'t you ever felt like you\'d need a 72-hours day to accomplish everything you should be doing in just one regular, working day" That\'s me...
17-10-2016 19:25

Madrid OPEN HOUSE 2016 - Part II

OPEN HOUSE 2016 was all about learning and care to detail. I find incredible how my perception about architecture and detail has changed and evo...
14-10-2016 19:23

Green fit dress + DIY modern clutch

Designing and creating things from scratch are on my soon-to-be architect\'s DNA. Creating my own clothing and accessories is something I\'ve always ...
12-10-2016 19:26

Madrid OPEN HOUSE 2016 - Part I

Madrid is such an exciting city! There are lots of interesting and amazing things happening there every day, every week. There\'s so much to do, so m...
10-10-2016 19:29

#trendalert: dress + sneakers

As a sporty girl, I\'ve been always obsessed by colorful sport shoes and sneakers. I started collecting them when I was on my late teenagehood, ...
06-10-2016 19:20

Minimal for the warm

Warmest September of all. I think this is the first Summer I\'ve ever lived almost entirely at the city. Now that this Summer I had my internship at ...
15-09-2016 19:18

The cropped top of positiveness

I haven\'t been into showing too much skin for years. I\'ve been always a very shy girl, who didn\'t like to feel observed or target of any kind of co...
12-09-2016 19:20

Bimba y Lola black dress - Late update

I\'m currently living my first Summer ever at the city. As some of you might know, I haven\'t been really around here due to work. Yep! After distrib...
04-08-2016 19:11

Palazzo in pink

Summer is usually a synonym of holidays. But not this year for me! I\'ve been keeping really, really busy lately as my classes ended pretty late (onl...
07-07-2016 19:16

Behind the design: Anastasia - EcoThiQue

Anastasia - EcoThiQue. Sometimes it truly feels like the Universe aligns to bring you the most unexpected experiences. As I love getting involved on ...
27-06-2016 19:14

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